David Broussard Biography

God surprised David Broussard with a professional art career in mid-life. Today, David is a recognized master with a blowtorch who creates stunning contemporary, abstract, Christ-honoring sculptures in steel and bronze. David’s work ranges in size for small jewelry pieces to monumental sculptures.

His work can be found in art collections across the USA. The sculptor is best known for his flame painted crosses made of carbon steel. These dazzling sculptures are iridescent as they change in color when viewed in light from different angles. David’s hand-made, one-of-a kind creations are collected across the USA and in other countries.

Broussard’s first bronze sculpture, which is called “It is Finished!” depicts the three spikes used to nail Jesus Christ to the cross. This dynamic, abstract Christian composition is available in several sizes, including monumental.

Before becoming a professional Christian sculptor in 2000, David worked for 30 years as a professional musician and award winning hair stylist in Dallas, TX. However, this all changed when in 1999 David asked God to give him a special gift for the new Millennium that could be used to bring glory and honor to the LORD.

In 2001 David met Max at the National Religious Broadcaster’s convention, a Christian tradeshow, where they became friends. Max has mentored David in the Christian art profession ever since.

Today, David’s steel and bronze work is available through GREINER MEMORIALS. David will also prayerfully consider custom commissioned sculptures.