Max Greiner, Jr. Biography

God made Max Greiner, Jr. an artist from birth.  Max’s creativity is expressed in drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, art gifts, graphic design, writing, photography and architecture. The young artist accepted Jesus Christ into his life at age 7, at the same time he became aware of his artistic gifts. He believes his fertile imagination and talent came from God, but acknowledges that great parents, grandparents, teachers and mentors were crucial in his life.

Originally, the subjects of Max’s art were people and nature. Max and Sherry Greiner started their small art business in the spring of 1978, three years after their marriage in 1975.  Max had earned a design degree from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University in 1974. Sherry graduated with honors and a double major in English and Spanish, which she used to teach high school.  After graduation, Max practiced architecture in Dallas, TX with The Architect Partnership.  Then in 1976, Max accepted an advertising position in Los Angeles, CA with Jennings Compound Bow, Inc., a national corporation.

However, early in 1978, the Greiners felt God leading them to leave the security of their real jobs so Max could pursue his dream of being a full time professional artist.  Max was 27 when they moved to the small east Texas town of Woodville to start their fine art career.

After depleting their savings, with only $40 remaining in their bank account, Max and Sherry prayed that God would bless their new art business and first art newsletter.  Within 48 hours of mailing their newsletter, over $20,000 worth of orders for Max’s art came in!  The Greiner art business was launched!

At the beginning of Max’s professional art career, his artwork primarily consisted of drawings, paintings, bronze sculpture and jewelry of wildlife, people and nature.  The Greiners were deeply involved in the “Great Outdoors”, archery, back-packing and canoeing.  Max served as one of the founding leaders of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and the American Wildlife Education Foundation.  He also served as the youngest Vice-President of the Texas Field Archery Association and was a founder of the Lone Star Bowhunter Association.

God greatly blessed the Greiners as Max bowhunted across the continent.  To their amazement, more than a million dollars worth of Max’s art was sold by the age of 35, by the grace of God.

However, in 1983 the Greiners' world started falling apart.  First, Sherry was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  Then, 95% of Max’s art collectors went bankrupt during the collapse of the Texas economy in the mid-eighties.  Suddenly, Max was losing everything important to him: Sherry, their marriage, their home, their art business, their clients and their recently acquired Hill Country land, near Kerrville, TX.

Max couldn't fix any of the things going wrong in his life.  In desperation, the artist cried out to God for help and the Holy Spirit began to work dramatically in the lives of the Greiners.   God allowed the difficult circumstances of Max’s life to “sculpt” the sculptor.  During this painful process, Max realized what was really important in life.  It was at this humbling time, in the spring of 1986, that God spoke to directly to the artist, in His “still small voice”, telling Max to create a sculpture of Jesus washing Peter’s feet.  After over a year of disobedience, Max finally yielded to God.  Immediately the LORD began to restore the Greiners and propelled Max into his destiny. 

Today, Greiner’s art is collected in all 50 states and more than two dozen countries. God has also used Greiner’s artwork to raise millions of dollars for worthy causes. By the grace of God, Max’s art is in the collections of many prestigious institutions including universities, seminaries, churches and corporations. It is owned by people like President George W. Bush, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Billy and Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Jack Nicklaus, Chuck Norris and the CEOs of Coca Cola Bottling and Chick-fil-a, among others.  In 2004, Max and Sherry established The Coming King Foundation to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ, using Sculpture Prayer Gardens located along the highways of the world.  God is using Max and Sherry to point millions to Jesus Christ.

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