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“Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also
acknowledge him before My Father in Heaven.”

JESUS CHRIST (Matthew 10:32)

Introduction (1 Minute) Interview With Artist (2 Minutes)

Meaningful Artistic Creations To Remember Loved Ones

In this life there are rare people, who more than others, live unselfish, surrendered, Christ-like lives. These unique individuals are known by their love for God and people. These saints can be recognized by their faith, good works and humility. Some of these Christians are well-known, while most are known only to their families, friends and God. These special people give of themselves and their resources so others may be blessed. These are the ones Jesus said would be great in the Kingdom of God and worthy of special honor. Meaningful artwork can be a lasting way to remember these special servants of God.  Even after death they can lift up their LORD, Jesus Christ!

Families who want to remember and honor their departed loved ones have for years sought out the inspirational Christ-honoring artwork of Max Greiner, Jr. to be a lasting memorial. Many people believe Max’s artwork carries a special anointing from the Holy Spirit because the artist seeks God for all his ideas. The Holy Spirit has used Max’s original artwork and his personal testimony to point millions of people to Jesus Christ.

Max’s inspiring drawings, paintings, sculpture and jewelry are recognized as genuine fine art.  Individual pieces of Max’s art sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The artist's copyrighted and trademarked compositions can be found in all 50 states and more than 24 countries. Owners of Max's art include Presidents, Governors, Popes, distinguished Christian leaders, authors, actors and the stars of sports, music and business. Greiner art has raised millions of dollars for worthy charities, colleges, and ministries.

In July of 2011, Max and Sherry Greiner felt the Holy Spirit leading them to form a new division of their art business called GREINER MEMORIALS. This was done to better serve their clients who wanted to use Max’s art as a lasting visual tribute to a loved one.

Therefore, the Greiners asked their son-in-law, Justin Evans, who is a high school coach in the Dallas area, to help them serve their clients by providing the personal attention needed. In addition, Max invited two of his professional artist friends to join them.  As a result, the beautiful artwork of Beverly Paddleford of Lander, WY and David Broussard of Dallas, TX is also represented here at GREINER MEMORIALS. 

Their spiritual artwork is collected across the USA and world.  Beverly focuses on realistic bronze sculptures while David is a contemporary sculptor who creates bronze and steel sculptures, based on Christian themes. Like Max, both professional artists offer a large selection of Christian sculptures and are willing to prayerfully consider custom pieces.

If you are looking for a meaningful way to honor a loved one, GREINER MEMORIALS is a good choice! 
Please let us know how we can serve you.


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