Beverly Paddleford Biography

Wife and mother, Beverly Paddleford creates sensitive Christian bronze sculptures at the foot of the Wind River Mountains, in Lander, Wyoming, where she owns with her husband, Monte one of the largest art bronze foundries in the world, Eagle Bronze. Beverly, a strong spirit-filled Christian, is the mother of four beautiful girls and seven grand children.  Her Christ-honoring bronze sculptures are used by God around the world to minister God’s love, mercy and healing. Even though the Paddlefords were devout Christians, Beverly’s art consisted of western themes, people and animals.

However, everything changed in January of 2000 when artist friend and client, Max Greiner, Jr. called her about creating a special sculpture of Jesus with a baby.  A woman named Mary Verwys, with the Crisis Pregnancy Clinic near Grand Rapids, MI, had just contacted Greiner by phone, informing him that her organization had reviewed his art and was ready to commission him to do a life-size sculpture.

Mary wanted Max to create a special sculpture for a prayer garden in her city to honor the thousands of babies who had been aborted.  Greiner thanked Mary for the commission and her own efforts to save the lives of children still in their mother’s womb.  After hearing Mary’s heart, Greiner offered to pray over the phone for God’s guidance. To his surprise, in the middle of Max’s prayer, the Holy Spirit whispered:  “This commission is for Beverly Paddleford.” 

At the end of his prayer, Max informed Mary that God had just spoken to him saying that Christian friend, Beverly Paddleford was the artist God wanted to create this sculpture, not him.  Mary was incensed and argued back that he had been selected by her committee, not some other artist.  Max politely urged Mary to call Beverly Paddleford to see if he heard God correctly. Mary never needed to call Max back.  The rest is history!

Today this special signed and numbered sculpture, called “Hope”, is being used by God to heal and minister to thousands of wounded women, and men, across the USA and world. The sculpture depicts Jesus holding an infant, sitting next to a young mother.  This first Christian composition was just the beginning of a series of beautiful Christ-honoring bronze sculptures created by Beverly, in various sizes, to bring glory to God and His love to the world. Almost a dozen inspired sculptures have now been created by Beverly, all cast in signed and numbered bronze editions.              

Beverly’s Christian sculptures have given the Paddlefords many opportunities to minister the love of God to thousands of people through her art and personal testimony.  Beverly’s’ existing spiritual sculptures are available now in a variety of sizes from GREINER MEMORIALS.  Beverly will consider special commissions. However, she has learned from Max to pray for God’s will first!